General Information

In Modern Studies pupils learn and discuss present day social and political issues occurring locally, nationally and internationally.  Pupils explore the context of current news stories and are encouraged to discuss these in a structured environment, considering the validity of different opinions and sources.  They also learn about how decisions are made by society and how they can make their voice be heard.

In modern studies lessons pupil are developing a number of transferable skills including, but not limited to: literacy, critical thinking, research, communication and debating skills.


Course Structure

All pupils in S1-3 at Farr High School have 1 period of modern studies each week.  The S1 course introduces Curriculum of Excellence’s (CfE) Level 3 experiences and outcomes, with learners covering Level 4 outcomes by the end of S3.


BGE Topics


  • Water Aid
  • Children’s Rights
  • Democracy


  • Racism
  • Decision Making
  • Current Conflicts


  • Business
  • Crime/Terrorism
  • Welfare