Ever since starting at Farr, I have known there is something special about the warmth of welcome that is offered to those who come through our doors.  Indeed, one of the key attributes of Farr High School is the quality of relationships between pupils, staff and the community and I believe that this is one of the greatest strengths of our school.

As a small school with small classes, we have unique opportunities.  Curriculum for Excellence puts the learner at the centre and that is exactly what we are able to do.  Our teachers and all our school staff know every pupil well. Furthermore, the small classes enable teachers to personalise learning and spend more time helping every pupil to progress and develop their knowledge and understanding.  For a small school we are able to offer a wide range of qualifications and through our recently developed links with Thurso College we are able to offer an impressive range of subjects to our senior pupils.  It is an exciting time in education and schools,  with increased flexibility in the Senior Phase and a real focus on personalising learning pathways for pupils to ensure we are not only equipping them with a  portfolio of qualifications but also with the necessary skills for learning , life and work.  It is a time for embracing the values and principles of Curriculum for Excellence to improve the outcomes for all our young people.

For me as Head Teacher, one of the greatest joys of my job is getting to know our pupils and helping them progress towards their chosen goals.  At the heart of our school are the people and relationships which help shape our pupils.  I believe in a school community where all feel valued, where all feel safe and where all are included.  I have an aspirational approach to education with high expectations. I believe we should constantly be striving to do what we do better, helping and supporting all our young people to achieve.

Ms Katherine Wood

Head Teacher