General information

Recent advances in biology such as the completion of the DNA sequence of the human genome, stem cell technology and the industrial production of genetically engineered bacteria to synthesise a range of valuable products has resulted in the biological sciences being elevated to the cutting edge of the sciences. The solutions to many of the problems faced by our planet undoubtedly lie with biology and consequently trained biologists are finding themselves in great demand. As a result there are rewarding and lucrative career opportunities for those opting to study biology at school or university.

Courses offered

Biology is offered from National 3 through to Higher level.

The National courses have 3 main units:

  • Cell Biology
  • Multicellular Organisms
  • Life on Earth

The 3 units at Higher Biology are:

  • DNA and the Genome
  • Metabolism and Survival
  • Sustainability and Interdependence

The courses at all levels include a degree of practical and research work.